As I placed fingers to keyboard, lifting my eyes to the screen, I saw the prompt:

“Write your story”. 

A better inception point couldn’t be imagined for this endeavor.

This site is a collection of writings, journal entries, Bible study notes and personal experiences spanning roughly from late 2011 to the present (whenever that happens to be, at the moment). Quite a lot has come about between 2011 and now, and that is reflected clearly and deeply in the chronology of that collection: squashed and searching from cramped and hungry places, expanding out into hope and healing, and on to where I am now: a vibrant and powerful, joyful human being. The search I began back then is the kind I like best—the kind that never truly finds and endpoint, because the subject itself is infinite.

So, dear reader—for you are dear to me, being part of this crazy, beautiful, wild, developing, unbelievably courageous, fragile and powerful human family we all find ourselves in—know this is both a historical work, recording perspectives and paradigms as they shifted and grew, and continues to record the discoveries and beautifully unfolding nature of going from glory to glory. I hope seeing my process helps you along in your own, and you can bear in mind that things I wrote in 2011, 2013, or even 2018, are not necessarily what I would write today.

And so I give to you, my story.