Jesus didn't say, "Ask, and if I feel like it, I'll give", or "Seek, and if I'm in the mood, you'll find".

He spoke in the declarative. This is not about a fickle God, playing favorites. This is a powerful reassurance to those who petition Father God . . . assurance that when they pray, when they seek, when they knock, He responds. And responds with good things. Always.

It's me, with my expectations and limitations, that doesn't see, doesn't recognize, doesn't follow God's leading into the amazing things that He has planned for me. He gives. Good things.

Father God, help me believe You more, open my heart and show me any strongholds, any stakes, any areas where I'm not willing to simply believe what You have said, and trust You. I want to be Yours, to follow what You say, and to live in Your presence. In Jesus' name, amen.

Don't Be Afraid!

Scripture: John 12:10-11

Then the leading priests decided to kill Lazarus, too,  for it was because of him that many of the people had deserted them  and believed in Jesus.


Those priests were afraid.  They didn't know God, and didn't trust Him.  Playing the hypothetical game for a minute, if the Jews had accepted God; if the Sanhedrin had recognized Him and followed Him with true hearts, God would have made the perfect way for them to be delivered from the consequences the Romans could have dished out at their change in religious observance.  God takes care of His own.  Period.


Where am I still afraid? What ways do I still cling to that direct me away from the perfect path God has prepared for my needs?  Inside, I think & feel like I'll do pretty much whatever God wants me to do.  I'm getting better at simply being diligent, without compulsion-powered performance behind it. I also feel the old habit of self-flagellation dropping away.  (Hooray!!! lol) And I'm seeing God move more and more in my life.  But . . . I'm not to where Moses was.  Or Abraham. Or Mary, who saw Jesus at the garden tomb.


Lord Jesus, show me.  Send Your Spirit to convict me.  Ever lead and guide me as I baby-step my way closer and closer to You.