02 August 2016

Prayer of Liberation

Oh, God. Reach those who confess your name. Touch their hearts with the wonder that is in you, with the love that turns fleshly wisdom on its head and makes of us citizens of Heaven. Woo your people, Lord. Show them what you meant when you said you are the Bridegroom and we are the bride. Find every one of us who claims to know you, who claims to carry your name, and make us yours, indeed! To all those who say they carry you in their hearts, go and make your home in them! To all those who say they seek to be filled with your spirit, fill them! Reveal yourself to them, Jesus, and show them who you really and truly are: 

* Yahweh - I AM 
* Yahweh Meqaddishkem - God Is Holy
* Yahweh Nissi - God Is Truth 
* Yahweh Yireh - Gracious Provider
* Yahweh Sabaoth - Watchful Defender 
* Adonai - Loving Master
* Elohim - All-Powerful 
* El Shaddai - All-Sufficient
* El Roi - All-Knowing, Ever-Present Help
* El Elyon - Supreme Sovereign
* El Olam - Unchanging and Eternal

Thank you, Jesus, for who you ARE. Show your people, those who confess your name, who you are. Oh, please. Amen.

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Thanks so much, and God bless you!