02 April 2016

Guest Post Series: Religion vs. Relationship

"Jesus didn't go to the cross to start a religion, He went to the cross to end religion. He removed any and all hinderances from us being in perfect relation to our Father and the family of God. 

The world says, "religion is a crutch." They are right. Trying to obey all the rules so we can have more favor or love from God is a crutch, because we can't do it. So if we fail we have an excuse, "well I'm just a sinner saved by grace." And many other religious sayings that sound nice but are not Truth. 

When we come into relationship with the King of Kings we are no longer a sinner saved by grace, we are now a son of the Most High saved by grace. Jesus made us brand new and gave us everything needed to walk free from sin and the lies of hell. 

I was literally in bondage to pretty much every addiction their is for 13yrs. I didn't become a different person 7yrs ago, that old person is DEAD and I'm a BRAND NEW person. I am 100% free from every addiction. It's ALL grace and Jesus died for me and as me so I could live for Him and empowered by Him here on earth. 

When we see God as a list of rules that when we obey we are loved, we are saying we don't need what Jesus did we can do it on our own. That's a crutch, because when we fail we lean on it with wrong mindsets about our unworthiness. But there is Good News! What Jesus did on the cross for us reveals our worth and receiving Him and His finished work empowers us to walk as a brand new person free from hells influence in our life. 

He heals people that have to use crutches. He makes them completely whole in mind, body, soul, and spirit. That's what salvation is. Leaning on our works is a crutch. Knowing Him through an intimate relationship and hosting His presence as a lifestyle heals anyone from the need of religious crutches, so they can walk in the reality of His grace,  fully healed,  and in right standing with the Father."