20 April 2016

Eyes to See

At this moment, I'm feeling grateful for a long list of things: husband, family, air conditioning that means I could cook some astonishingly yummy soup for dinner (and even eat some!) without roasting to death upstairs under this green metal roof of ours. But most of all, right at this moment, I'm grateful for eyes to see.

"But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear." ~Matthew 13:16 NLT

When I'm tuned into Jesus and looking for communication from Him, He's EVERYWHERE. I remember talking with someone a couple of months ago at church; she was concerned about God's provision. Tears were flowing, and she asked, "Where'd that kleenex go?" Immediately, she had two boxes presented to her, one from each side. Even in that little detail, her Abba wanted her to know that He was ready and eager to provide for her every need--even down to double the amount of tissues she needed in that moment.

Another time, a few weeks before, I was talking with someone else who was feeling overwhelmed. We prayed, and as she gathered up her things to leave the sanctuary, she kept dropping things. As soon as she'd pick one thing up, something else would slip from her arms. I couldn't help but ask her right then if she could see what God was saying in that moment: she was trying to hold on to too much, trying to do too much. It was time to let go of some things and let God take care of them.

Every time I turn around, if I have eyes to see and ears to hear, I receive from my God. His words truly do never cease--not just because they're eternal and never die, but through His unlimited and infinite nature, He is constantly communicating with us. There isn't a moment that goes by that our God isn't communicating to us in a thousand ways. All we have to do is tune in, believing He is speaking to us, and ready to hear Him. He conversed with Cain as Abel's blood cried from the ground. He'll talk to you, right now. No doubt about it.

Father God, I can't praise You enough for the unfailing way You pursue Your children. Jesus, I can't glorify You enough for the astounding work You have finished that gives You the right to be where I am, always touching my life, always entreating, always pursuing. And I'm so grateful for Holy Spirit that connects us all seamlessly and empowers us to receive so so much. I pray for undeniable encounters with Your love for those who need You so desperately. Touch their hearts, and change their perspectives forever for having been filled with the reality of who You are. I love you, so much. Thank You, thank You, in Your name. Amen.