19 February 2016

A Calm Soul in the Storm

Lately, it has been "game-on" in my spiritual life. God has been moving in beautiful and powerful ways, and the enemy is right there to follow up and see if I will really cling to what Jesus has given me, really believe my all-powerful, beloved God more than any fully-believable lie the accuser brings. Life has been a lot of diligence, a tremendous amount of outpouring from Heaven, and a whole lot of opposition.

This morning, Jesus kept giving me phrases from this song. I finally was able to take a few minutes to play it, and let the message soak into my soul. He's telling me, "It's going to be okay. I'm so pleased with you, flaws and all. I've seen how far you've come, and I know where you're going. Let me hold you, guide you, fill you, today. Don't fight it, and don't give up. Walk with me. Together, we've got this. Because I've got you."