12 January 2016

We Are Paid For

God had a convo with Cain after he murdered Abel in cold blood. He will talk to you. He IS talking to you.


Even when the angels turn away from us, God is talking. Always. Every breath we take is made possible through Him. He's the reason we can even continue to exist. He's so tuned into you, into everything you do and everything you are, everything you think and feel. He's desperate to hear you speak to Him. He died so you could speak to Him freely. And He's so desperate for you listen to what He's already saying . . . to actually believe that He is, in fact, speaking. He came down here, suffered so many things, lived a life totally and fully submitted to Father God, and then endured one of the most painful forms of torture on the cross before voluntarily relinquishing His life to pay for even the worst of sins, those for which the law decrees death. His love for us is so deep, so complete. It is the love of a mother, whose body has nurtured her baby, endured incredible pain, and then shed water and blood to birth that baby. Jesus' love for us is more powerful than even a mother's overwhelming, driving, utterly consuming love for her newborn. His love is all of that--and so much more.

Jesus went through everything He did for you, as if you were the only thing He ever created. He has already paid the price, remitted in full, for all of your garbage. For all of mine. Utterly done. Totally. We are free to hear Him, to communicate with, to BE with Him, to do so without being struck dead because of the price He already paid without owing even a fraction of a minim of it. He's longing to hear from you, longing for you to accept the gift He has already given.

And when we wander through life, wondering why God isn't speaking to us, it's one of the worst forms of unbelief possible for the human heart. The scriptures are jam-packed with examples of people talking to God and God talking back, filled with the simple and powerful truths behind how to hear God speaking. His words never cease. They surround us, always. What He has spoken "before" (according to our time), rings out strong and clear permeating all of eternity even as I sit here at my keyboard, clattering away. His words endure. Always. They never cease to be true, never cease to belong to the ones He has given them to. If God has spoken something over you, BELIEVE IT. Our God is a God of truth, and will never, ever lie.


Never means never. Not an exception. Nothing excluded. NEVER.

And the justice of God is that every last one of us should receive the benefits of what Jesus Christ has done for us. It's unjust for a parent to give His child a gift, and then have something prevent His child from receiving that gift. The price is paid, friends. You are purchased with a price: the blood of your God. That blood declared your value to all of Creation, to all the heavenly hosts, and even all the hosts of hell. Jesus descended below all things, and has ascended above all things, and even now declares to anyone and everyone who can hear Him say it: "These are those I've bled for. Behold their value to Me!"

He willingly shed His blood for you, for all of us. The price has been paid--because He ALREADY deemed you infinitely valuable, long before you were born, long before you became mortal and fouled all kinds of stuff up. Redemption is complete. The word, and its final and perfect sacrifice, fulfilled in Him.

He saved you. The work is done. It only remains for you to choose to receive it, then to walk out a believing life in Him. And He's talking to you, always, so, no matter when you choose to tune in and listen for Him, you'll hear Him.