24 January 2016

Walking in the Storm

“So Moses left the city and Pharaoh, and stretched forth his hands to the Lord; and the thunder and hail ceased, and rain was no longer poured upon the earth.” ~Exodus 9:33 AMP

Um. Moses left where he had been talking to Pharaoh, and then left the city. I have a feeling Pharaoh wasn't hanging out on the outskirts of the city, but was in his palace, well within the boundaries of where the astonishingly destructive hailing thunderstorm raged.

And Moses left the city.

I don't know if Moses had a covered vehicle, but even if he did, this storm broke every tree in the field (Ex 9:25). Talk about faith. Moses wasn't hurt by the storm, even though it raged all around him, killing and destroying. His trust in Yeshua far outweighed what his eyes might have told him.

Can I say that I have faith like that? That if there was a judgement poured out in my region and God said, "Go, I have a message for you to speak to the County Commissioner", would I quail at walking out into the storm?

Father in Heaven, I glorify Your name. I trust You, I love You. I praise Your wisdom and love that gave me Jesus and saved my soul, and I love looking for Your hand in all things. Guide me today, Father, and help me find a way to remember, moment by moment, to exist in You, to walk in fellowship with You and Jesus through Holy Spirit, and to trust and carry out Your instructions. I pray discernment for those struggling to hear You; a clarity of understanding that unlocks the ability to recognize Your voice in all of its innumerable forms. Thank You for speaking to Your children, for constantly pursuing us, and for doing all You can to save us, every moment. Bless my family, Lord, and all believers. Let us find You around every corner in our lives, in Jesus' name, amen.