02 January 2016

Meditative Morning

As daybreak streamed into my room today, I enjoyed a little "vacation" morning. After some extra sleep (I think I'm finally caught up! Hooray!), I took some quiet time in one of my favorite spots to meditate on various things. Typical of this embryonic time of year, I reflected on the recent past, wondering over everything that has happened. And how, like so much in life, the things I never could have antipicated, never would have imagined, have been the sweetest, the most precious, the most incredible, of all.

I thought, too, of the many people I have come to love that, just two or three years ago, I didn't even know. People that have enlarged the circle I call family, that have been instrumental in my walk as a believer, and because of whom my life will never be the same. I don't know how to thank them, although over the next string of days I will try.

I've also felt a shift in the making; a coming transition. There are things I need to turn my attention to in my family and my home; things I'm finally prepared to approach, from releasing possessions I've had packed in boxes for years now to rearranging the storage in my home to new adventures with my children and husband. Contrary to what you might be thinking, this isn't a "good-bye" post. It's really more "hello, again!" I'll be blogging more, and interacting via social media less. More time in scripture, less time reading things online. More time processing and memorizing and meditating on the Word. As a friend's church emphasized to their youth last year: "Read the red, not the thread." Please don't hesitate to leave a comment here, email, text, or FB message me. I'm just not going to stay caught up on my FB and Twitter feeds.

What will this shift look like? I've had a few glimpses in visions, but I don't really know. I do know I'm taking it one step at a time, following where the breath of the Holy Spirit blows me, walking in companionship with my God. I never knew I could be in such close relationship with God, to feel a sweet and powerful presence that smooths the bumps of life and teaches and empowers in every moment that I remember to turn my heart and mind toward heaven. This is salvation: literally being empowered to move through this life filled with love instead of loneliness, grace instead of need, faith instead of fear.

God bless every one of you, whoever you are, and let God's presence permeate every moment of your life, every aspect of your being, every beat of your heart.

Happy 2016, to you all.