25 January 2016

Let Him Save

"The Lord God has become my divine Helper!
He leans into my heart and lays his hands upon me!
Lord, I will offer myself freely, 
and everything I am I give to you.
I will worship and praise your name, O Lord,
for it is precious to me.
Through you I’m saved—rescued from every trouble.
I’ve seen with my eyes the defeat of my enemies.
I’ve triumphed over them all!"

~Psalm 54:4,6-7 The Passion Translation

The Lord IS my strength. I stand firm in Him, because there is no other place that can satisfy the divine longing for Him. His love heals and makes courageous, and even if I spent every moment of my life in perfect service, I could never repay what Jesus has done, because He poured His love out over me and lifted me from my misery before I was fit to offer Him anything. 

And so, it becomes a playful, joyous thing to serve Him. I joke that I've paid Him back, even just a little, making headway on my beautiful debt to Him, and He chuckles and says, "Oh yeah?" and pours dump truck loads of blessing out over me.

And He will do the same for you. His sacrifice is complete, the price is paid. Won't you accept it, receive it into your heart, and become an heir with Him?