20 January 2016

A New Thing

"See, I do a new thing; it is now springing up.Surely, you are aware of it:I am making roads through the desert,streams in the wasteland."(Gileadi Translation)~Isaiah 43:19
Our flesh is so eager to learn something and "get it down" so we don't have to think about it anymore. We don't think about walking, or breathing, or so many other things we do. (I don't have to think about typing, for example. I think the words, and they (usually) just appear on the screen.) But with spiritual things, God is always--always--doing a new thing.

There is always more desert, more wasteland, for the Spirit of God to move into, restoring and redeeming, whether in individual souls, in organizations, in groups, in systems, in markets, in creation. Jesus redeemed it ALL, and our work as believers is to follow Him in all things, and to bring His redemption into places where the Kingdom of God is not yet established. All of creation has been redeemed. It now must be reclaimed as we carry living water to quench the parched people and places.

Father God, keep me in your love, keep me in your wonder and newness of spirit so I will never grow weary of doing a new thing. Let the things of the spirit always be my focus, so my flesh will not have power to shout louder than you speak into my heart, than your love soaks into my bones, than my heart responds to your sweet calling. Let living water spring up continually in my heart, flowing out into everything around me. Let me rely on your spirit, and let me trust you always to blow me where you need, where you will. Let my trust rest in you, and not in what my eyes see, not in my own version of your plan or purposes or methods. Let me follow as a trusting child, resting fully in your ability, your power, your awesome will and way. In Jesus' name, amen.