01 September 2015

This is the One Thing

This morning, God has been unveiling the meaning of "blessings of the fathers" to me. (Abraham 1:2) And, contrary to what I've believed for most of my life, I'm fully persuaded those blessings are not physical ordinances men can control and dole out as they see fit. Much to the contrary, the blessings of the fathers are what Jesus showed us how to do. It's what Todd White did in the high school classroom he visited.

God's work is to draw us to Him, lifting our burdens, relieving our suffering, showing forth His goodness and the completeness of His work. The blessings of the fathers is the way that those who have an intimate friendship with their Heavenly Father can help close the gap between God and those who don't know Him yet. It is ministry. THAT is what motivated Abraham. Not a desire to lead or rule. The desire to SERVE. And to serve in the way that only God can empower, with works only God can do. Administering the blessings of the fathers has nothing to do with being kingpin. And everything to do with being the least, and the servant, of all. And when your only desire is to serve and bless, God fills you with His power and provisions everything you need to do His work: relieving the suffering of others, casting off the chains Jesus already broke, healing the broken-hearted, causing the blind to see and the lame to walk.