30 July 2015

Be not afraid: our God is a Good Dad.

"Be not afraid of sudden fear . . . For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken." ~Proverbs 3:25a, 26
We don't have to be afraid, if fear comes upon us suddenly. It's God who provides our confidence, and who guards our paths.

When fear comes upon me suddenly, for no apparent reason, I'm not to give it heed. (I've struggled with this for much of my life--thankfully now it only happens sometimes when I've indulged in a little too much sugar.) And when it does happen, I am confident in my authority over it. It's not of God, and therefore has no power in my life. I speak in the name of Jesus. It has to leave. And it DOES.

God truly IS my confidence. I trust what He has said, as a little child trusts her father's word. To a little girl, her daddy IS the world. He frames it, through him she learns how to respond to things in life, and she learns how to approach, interact with, and learn from experiences. God is a GOOD daddy, and I choose Him. I have long known that I belong to Him, but it was only recently that I realized that in order for me to belong to Him, He had to give Himself, fully and without reserve, to me. He is MINE, every bit as much as I am HIS.

Dear God, I choose YOU. I choose Your ways, Your perspective, Your thoughts and responses to any given situation. I want to learn all about the world from Your vantage point, and teach that to my children. Thank You for being mine, for loving me so much. I just hope that I can give myself as fully to You as You have given yourself to me. All my love, Annalea.