21 May 2015

Too many words, but not sufficient.

Last weekend I had the pleasure and privilege to go to a reunion, getting together with people I have grown to love greatly for their honesty, their earnestness, their humility and their love of our Lord Jesus Christ. I don't think I've ever been hugged so many times by so many people in one weekend. It was amazing. The open-heartedness, the lack of fear, utter lack of pretension, the willingness to forgive and be brought together by the love of God all combined to make something that felt much like I've heard heaven described: as the best family reunion ever, where no one has to do the dishes.

The talks were only a part of the experience. I wish I could've bottled up the closing potluck's vibe to carry in my pocket always. But the talks weren't shabby at all, and provide ample food for thought. You can listen to them here:


I can report that in actuality, and contrary to the many fears and concerns some anxious few aired publically, the reunion was exceedingly tame. I, with my Pentecostal leanings, was the most vocal there, with my participatory amen's and generous cheering of God's praise. (Oh, how good it was to be where utterance is not constrained!) There was nothing strange or weird, and I saw so much of the uncomplicated love of God for His children on display in the interactions we all had one with one another.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and sound judgement. Praise the Lord! 😊