15 December 2014

God is Perfect

God is good. Good is God.

God is love. Love is God. Love is of God: it is a part of, an element of, a natural fruit springing from Him.

If something not-good happens, it's a product of the fall, and the sin and death that exist in this world. It's not God's will. It's His will that we humble ourselves and come unto Him. Bad stuff does happen. Often. But it's not God's will. He doesn't speak, and give someone a dreadful disease, or destroy a family through addiction. He does not mete out harsh punishments to "teach us a lesson". That's what an abusive parent would do . . . and we simply don't have an abusive God. We also don't have to "get it right on our own" before we can turn to Him.

Hello . . . His strength is made perfect in our weakness! We don't see it until we run into our weaknesses, and turn to Him!

His grace is sufficient for ALL.

So, remember. God IS good.


  1. I appreciate your view of God and bad things do happen from the Fall, but I think the scriptures are pretty clear that God does make these bad things happen. Famine, pestilence, plagues, the flood, the final cleansing, etc...

  2. Scripture must be understood in terms of itself. If God is good (which scripture proclaims), and if He is unchangeable (which scripture also states clearly), then He cannot cause bad things to happen. Scripturally, God's "anger" is when He is prevented, due to mankind's rejection of Him, from blessing and protecting them.

    One verse cannot invalidate another, else one must be false. Don't you agree?

    (Please--use a moniker, otherwise it gets really confusing, really fast. Thanks.)

  3. Thanks for this!


I welcome questions and concerns--they are most often what spur us closer to the truth. I only ask that we all give everyone the most generous benefit of the doubt, assigning the best motives possible. A soft answer truly does turn away wrath, and an atmosphere of Jesus's love is the best for learning, no matter which side of a discussion you're on.

Thanks so much, and God bless you!