19 June 2014

Still Good! :o)

Give thanks to the  lord , for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. ~1 Chronicles 16:34 NLT
Oh, how good our God really and truly is. :o)

And the best part is, I have a feeling I've only just barely begun to see just how good He will be to me, as I follow Him, bringing unto Him my weaknesses, and allowing Him to clothe me in His strength, His faith, His righteousness, all through the blood of His atoning sacrifice.

You see, He won. He won, because He finished. On the cross, He told us so. I cannot imagine the deep relief, and wonder how much joy He felt as he hung there in so much agony . . . but even then, knowing that He had done it, that He had WON!, and He could finally release Himself from that tortured body and rest for a little bit. And then, to be able to take it up again, heal it and make it whole, and glorify it. Just, wow. I know how much I love putting on my most comfortable, well-fitting clothes. I can hardly imagine what it must've felt like to be able to clothe Himself once again in the flesh He had come to know so well, and yet to do so in glory, without the temptations, without the pain, without the burden of His mission before Him.

You see, my God is faithful. He never gives up, never wimps out, never fails me. Ever. His love isn't going to fade away, He's not going to change His mind. He is Eternal. He is Endless. He is Good. He is LOVE. And He has poured that love out over and around and through me, filling me up until it was more than I thought I could bear . . . and then He filled me some more.

And He wants to fill you, to heal you, to save you, too.

Jesus, I love You. I keep trying to find words to thank You, to praise You, to communicate somehow even a tiny bit of the miracle You have worked in me. It's not working out so well. lol But I'll keep trying, for it is one of the sweetest works I've ever had set before me. I thank You for Your patience, for Your grace, for the infinite nature of Your love and attention. I'm so glad You are Who You Are, and that I can keep learning, keep receiving, keep on growing in light each day. Thank You for not giving up on me, for not giving up on anyone, ever. Keep on reaching out, keep on showing, keep on entreating, and lead me more fully in Your light, in Your ways, and in Your love. And please . . . show me how to translate this into how I serve my family, how I care for them, how I work in my home and in the sphere of influence You've given me. It's all I want to do. Thank you!