17 February 2014

Faith = Power to Receive

"And through the whole history of the scheme of life and salvation it is a matter of faith, every man received according to his faith, according as his faith was, so were his blessings and privileges. And nothing was withheld from him when his faith was sufficient to receive it."(1) THIS is the way in which God is no respecter of persons. This is the way in which you, if you will lay down your ignorance, if you will repent, and turn to God, this is the way in which you can find yourself also the inheritor of blessings and privileges which God will not withhold from anyone who understands and gathers to themselves the light and the truth that comes through obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Transcribed excerpt from: Denver Snuffer, "Repentance (Logan)".  (1)Lectures on Faith, Lecture Seven, paragraph 17

So what is faith?

“Okay, you've left home and you've come here. While you're here your home exists only as a matter of faith to you. You believe it exists. You intend to drive back there to it and to your family, and your dog, and to that infernal parrot that now can mimic the low battery signal on the fire alarm. She's there too. And so it's a matter of faith, that despite the fact that I am here and out of her presence, my bird is waiting for me when I get home. You act as if these things exist, that you no longer see. In the development of a child, what you find in really young children is that they don't have the capacity to entertain the fact that it still exists. When it's gone, it's gone forever. And it takes a while before the child has confidence that what is removed from their sight continues to exist outside of the presence of their actual observation. It's one of those childhood development things.”
Excerpt From: Denver Snuffer. “The Lectures on Faith (Idaho Falls), emphasis added."

How many of our actions, each day, truly reflect the fact that God exists? Or, alternately, how many of our choices each day reflect a disbelief of God, of what He has said, what He has offered us, as being simply a nice idea, a fairy tale of grand proportions?