28 January 2014

God is MADE of Good.

God IS good. All good is of God. He accepts it, when you work good, and blesses you for it. 

God is NOT bad. Nothing that comes from Him is bad. And if He ever asks us to do anything that brings hardship upon us, His justice requires repayment for everything we do in His service.  But He does not ever force things on us that we didn't agree to do. Often we refuse to accept the blessings owed & offered to us--hence the cultural Mormon practice of believing God is an authoritarian, often abusive, parent, whose omniscience somehow holds Him outside of His own commandments and the example of Jesus' life. One who purposely puts us into painful, difficult, or destructive situations "for our own good". I utterly reject such thinking. It led me nowhere in my life but away from relationship with my God. Away from His healing, loving, empowering presence and headlong into chronic depression. The fruit of that belief pattern was destruction and damnation. No thanks. 

We have lost the basic understanding that God IS Good. There isn't anything bad in Him, therefore nothing bad comes from Him. Period. (Anyone gather grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from bull thistles, lately?) If we could get that straight, so many false beliefs and stumbling blocks would simply disintegrate. And faith--real, true, and deep--would reappear as the primary motivator in the life of the believer, because faith is a spiritual gift, and once you worship God in truth, He can pour that kind of awesome into you. And truth be told, He's eternally poised, focused completely on you, waiting for the tiniest piece of encouragement or permission to do so. But when we're caught up and occupied with those thoughts of submission to our negative circumstances, we ask things of God He can't give, and don't ask for the thing that can save us: Him.

So, how about it? Give it a try. For a month, just believe Amaleki, the last of Jacob's descendants to care for the small plates of Nephi, who wrote:

"[I am] exhorting all men to come unto God, the Holy One of Israel,
and believe in prophesying and in revelations
and in the ministering of angels
and in the gift of speaking with tongues
and in the gift of interpreting languages
and in all things which is good,
for there is nothing which is good save it comes from the Lord;
and that which is evil cometh from the devil.

(Book of Mormon, the Earliest Text; Omni 1:25, emphasis mine.)

I think you'll be amazed at the astounding power of God in your life once you no longer lay the work of the devil at His feet. 

God is MADE of Good. :-)