04 November 2013

He's Got Your Back

"Cowardice is largely predicated upon fear. Don't be cowardly. Don't be fearful. Fear is the opposite of faith. For goodness sake, you're already in the battle! You're already going to be overtaken. The fact of the matter is no one gets out of here alive. Live this life nobly, fearlessly. When you take the wounds thatcome your way make sure that they come to your front! Don't let them shoot you in the back. Go aboutyour life boldly, nobly, valiantly. Because it is only through valiance in the testimony of Jesus Christ thatyou can hope to secure anything. Not valiance in your fidelity to anything other than Jesus Christ. Thefact of the matter is that faith must be based in Him, and in Him alone."  (Denver Snuffer, "Be of Good Courage, Be of Good Cheer")

Since Denver's talk in Boise, I've heard that phrase repeated: "Don't let them shoot you in the back."  It is fast becoming part of the metatext of our time for those actually believe the scriptures when they say that signs should follow them that believe; that our good works should be in secret; that we should not judge the beggar, but give to those in need. Period. I've pondered over it, especially since it can look like a strangely flawed metaphor, considering these words were spoken right after his excommunication.  Denver is constantly championing turning to Christ, and engaging none else in our reaching out to Him.  

So, if your enemies range themselves about you, and you refuse to turn from Christ and the direction He is walking with you, what does that leave exposed to them? 

Your back.

But here's the key: when you're engaged in the journey back to the Father, Christ is with you. Before you, beside you, behind you.  He's got your back.  Nothing any man can do to you while you walk under Christ's protection can harm you eternally.  Nothing.  Anything the enemy hurls at you, intending for your harm, Christ will turn to your good.

We will hurt. People will do stupid, mortal things.  Despite our best efforts, we still act out of our own hurt and incomplete understanding . . . and in so doing, will hurt others. The spiritual and emotional tsunamis that rock this world, and the small and personal world each of us inhabits, brought on by the tectonic shifts of sin & death, will not be to our destruction. They will give us experience. 

And God will turn them to our good. 

If we love Him.