20 November 2013

He Revises Foundations

Scripture: Matthew7:27 NLT

When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”

Observation: Not everyone builds their house 100% on rock or completely on sand.

Application: As we go through life, the storms come, beat upon all of my house, and those parts not founded firmly in Jesus become wreckage. And I praise God for it. He shows me my weakness, shows me how to abandon it, and leads me in plotting a course and drawing up new plans for the ruined portion's replacement. But He always leaves me somewhere to live--I hold the tremendous riches of knowing Him to Whom I can turn in storm and tempest. I do have my house built on His Rock as much as my faith and understanding have allowed. 

Prayer: Lord, I'm so glad You are GOOD. I know I can trust You, and that You will lead me in the way that's best for me and for You and Your beautiful Work. Thank you for everything . . . for all of my life. The loveliness of intoxicating Spring weather, and the tempest and dark days that sweep from my heart and life that which keeps me from drawing closer to You. In Jesus' sweet name, Amen.