08 November 2013

God is Talkative

"God spoke to Cain after the murder of Abel. The angels withdrew from him. The angels were grieved, they would have nothing to do [with him], and yet God still spoke to him. His words are endless. I don't care what malignancy you think you carry around within you. The fact is none of you have done the same crap that Cain did, because Cain possessed greater knowledge than you did at the time of the murder that he committed. And yet God spoke to him still. Therefore, have the confidence (even if you grieve angels!) that God will talk to you.

'. . . my words, for they never cease.'* God is talkative. God desires us to know more than we know, if we will receive it. And the minute we tell Him to be quiet and withdraw, and leave us alone, we are in the very act of damning ourselves, because what we're saying is, "That which you've offered unto us, we would prefer to be silence, instead."

Ummm, yeah. Don't do that.

~Denver Snuffer, Forty Years in Mormonism #5, Orem

*Moses 1:4