02 October 2013

Live His Law

Scripture: Luke 14:1-6

One Sabbath day Jesus went to eat dinner in the home of a leader of the Pharisees, and the people were watching him closely. There was a man there whose arms and legs were swollen. Jesus asked the Pharisees and experts in religious law, “Is it permitted in the law to heal people on the Sabbath day, or not?” When they refused to answer, Jesus touched the sick man and healed him and sent him away.  Then he turned to them and said, “Which of you doesn’t work on the Sabbath? If your son  or your cow falls into a pit, don’t you rush to get him out?” Again they could not answer.

Observation: This feels like apologetics to me. Pointing out the inconsistencies, the places where men have put their own spin on commandments, on scripture, for their own convenience or gain.

Application: Jesus didn't bow to every rule and regulation laid down by the Pharisees. He lived the law He had given. That's what I feel our responsibility is, as Christians. We must know the scriptures--not just through scholarship and logic, but taught directly from heaven through spiritual means--and we must live them, teach them, be them for all to read.

Prayer: Father, show me the difference. Teach me what I need to know, in ways I clearly and easily recognize are from You. Lead me by Your Spirit, and show me how to teach my children to love You, to know You well.  In Jesus' name, amen.