22 October 2013

Let go already!

Scripture: Job 11:4-20 NLT

You claim, ‘My beliefs are pure,’ and ‘I am clean in the sight of God.’ If only God would speak; if only he would tell you what he thinks! If only he would tell you the secrets of wisdom, for true wisdom is not a simple matter. Listen! God is doubtless punishing you far less than you deserve! “Can you solve the mysteries of God? Can you discover everything about the Almighty? Such knowledge is higher than the heavens— and who are you? It is deeper than the underworld — what do you know? It is broader than the earth and wider than the sea. If God comes and puts a person in prison or calls the court to order, who can stop him? For he knows those who are false, and he takes note of all their sins. An empty-headed person won’t become wise any more than a wild donkey can bear a human child. “If only you would prepare your heart and lift up your hands to him in prayer! Get rid of your sins, and leave all iniquity behind you. Then your face will brighten with innocence. You will be strong and free of fear. You will forget your misery; it will be like water flowing away. Your life will be brighter than the noonday. Even darkness will be as bright as morning. Having hope will give you courage. You will be protected and will rest in safety. You will lie down unafraid, and many will look to you for help. But the wicked will be blinded. They will have no escape. Their only hope is death.”

Observation: Zophar isn't trying to give Job the smackdown here . . . despite the fact that I've read it that way my whole life, and some Bible translators saw it that way. Today, I read in these words hope. So much hope. Zophar is telling Job to stop complaining and whining "poor me" (even though he had tremendous reason to do so!), and to trust that God knows what He's doing, let go of whatever is past, look forward, and get back to giving the Highest His due. 

Application: How often do I handwring and analyze and latch on to what is past . . . worrying more about why I got into the mess I'm in, instead of getting down to business and humbling myself before my Maker, listening carefully--for He will tell me (is crazy to tell me!) what I need to be to get out of it. 

Prayer: Father, help me to let go of what's behind me. Show me the peaceful path of submission, for I'm so incredibly glad  I know I can trust Your judgement fully, for You are faithful! :-) So show me the next step into freedom! In Jesus' most amazing name, amen. :-)