05 September 2013

Oh Tyre, I Bid Thee Farewell

I will send you to the pit to join those who descended there long ago. Your city will lie in ruins, buried beneath the earth, like those in the pit who have entered the world of the dead. You will have no place of respect here in the land of the living. I will bring you to a terrible end, and you will exist no more. You will be looked for, but you will never again be found. I, the Sovereign Lord, have spoken!” (Ezekiel 26:20, 21 NLT)

This is the final part of Tyre's prophesied destruction. As I read through it, the difference between Tyrian self-sought glory and the glory that comes to those who seek God stood out crystal clear. Those who seek after and glorify The Lord will be splendid and have all they need physically. There will be no poor, peace will abound, and God Himself can dwell there. 

But in the places of those who seek their own wealth & fame, God is not welcome. And because they didn't seek Him and let Him provide for their needs, they were utterly destroyed. 

Which pattern do I predominantly follow in my life? Whose glory do I seek? Mine? The world's? Or my most utterly-complete, generous and ever-faithful Yahweh's?

Father Almighty, please open my eyes. I know I sometimes squeeze them shut, or train them on things of no worth, when I'm tired and feeling alone. Please come and comfort me with Your presence. Make the pull of Babylon evaporate, and let my eye be single to your glory. Comfort me and surround me with Your vivid, joyous peace that fills me with the completion of Your enabling love I pray, in the name of Your Holy Lamb. Amen.