18 September 2013

His Victory Covers All Sin

The priest will take blood from this sin offering and put it on the doorposts of the Temple, the four corners of the upper ledge of the altar, and the gateposts at the entrance to the inner courtyard. Do this also on the seventh day of the new year for anyone who has sinned through error or ignorance. In this way, you will purify the Temple. (Ezekiel 45:19, 20 NLT)

One annual sacrifice covers blunders and mistakes.

In the same way, the great and last sacrifice of the Lamb covers it all. Up until earlier this year, I had labored under a misconception that every sin and mistake had to be repented of individually. It was a belief I was never taught specifically, but was implied in the way repentance & Christ's sacrifice were taught. It was a guilt-ridden way to live, let me tell you. It is so good to simply walk in Christ . . . to continually live in an attitude of returning to the high place, of coming unto the Father.

Lord, I thank You for this incredible gift of freedom....of the blessing to walk in love and light, and no longer under condemnation. (Rom 6:18) It is so good!!!