30 September 2013

A Public Service Announcement

Welcome to the new and improved version of A Journal of Sorts. Looks pretty spiffy, doesn't it? Here's what the changes mean to you:

1) You can now reach the blog by a normal URL. In this case, it's www.ANewDayDawns.com Many thanks to my new bloggy friend that helped with the name, and gave me the kick necessary to just. do. it.

2) You can subscribe via email, and get the posts sent to your inbox, so you don't have to worry about remembering to actually come to the blog and see if anything's new. You won't get to see my loverly new template, but I think I can live with that. ;o)

3) You can also subscribe via RSS feed, if you like. There's a handly little green tag at the right top corner of the blog (kind of like a corner bookmark) that says "RSS" on it. Right click on it, click "Copy Link", and then paste that url into your feed reader. (I'm growing to love Feedly, as my new reader, fwiw.)

So, enjoy! (And come leave plenty of loving, lavish comments . . . ;o)